Parents Support

Parents supportDear Parents we are “WITH YOU”:

Although you are not with us during the schooling hours when your child is experiencing the most interactive and vibrant educational experience here at ‘The Chenab School’ we realize the great importance to have you on board with us to share there learning development and growth in all domains of life.

Here is how we share the most important information of their academic and non academic progress on daily on going bases for the complete update you deserve to know to participate directly in their education.

1- Through school website –

tcsVery updated information on all the schooling domains including the academic session events, important dates, schedules, events pictures and videos etc.

2- Through School management system with the dedicated parents login in the most updated and dynamic plate form: 

aaThis is a click away window to see through all the academic and non academic reporting based on your child’s educational achievements and all the vital records like daily attendance, test/examinations results, previous results, dues, fee and charges paid, all the daily home work, term and monthly course outlines, exam schedules, important notifications of events, new alerts and updates about any emergency intimation, period mini and mega assessment and evaluation reports etc.

3- Through Parents – Teacher Meeting:


The most strongest and welcoming pillar between the school and child is the parents meeting to each other for bilateral discussion about the student’s learning and development.

4- Through Mobile and Telephone:

Through telecommunication via mobile and land line telephone an important is always being made between the school and parents to intimate that something necessary for the parent to know most urgently.

5- Facebook page – The Chenab School – Gujrat

facebook page

All the fun filled pics, videos, news, events are being shared and updated daily for the parents and family of the students so the whole school and parents community is being sharing together.

6- SMS Alerts:

UntitledThe sms alerts are sent on the much urgent bases so the parents do not miss out the important news or the piece of information which is very vital for them to get or know during the hour or moments something needed to be conveyed to them.

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