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Welcome In our Esteemed Institute

In our school, our religious, moral and ethical values are at the top of our priority. All the business practices are Alhamdulillah are very in align with our religious preaching’s and code of conduct while maintain a wonderful balance the demands of 21st century learning as well. Everyone and everything belonging to this institute is […]

Gracious – The Chenab School – Gujrat

Our aim is to to explore and maximize all the abilities and capabilities of our students. They are being engaged in a variety of real life skills, tasks, projects and assignments to nurture their real potential and develop a lot of sense to their intelligence.  They gradually become master of a crucial life skill much […]

Human Resource Division

he Human Resources Division is dedicated to the recruitment and retention of a quality workforce in support of student success. The school employs people, including teachers, peraprofessionals (support teacher & staff), administrator, and lower level services staff, who provide services to esteemed and valued students. As we work to hire and retain a qualified staff, […]